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Your driveway is the pathway to your home, your welcome mat. It may be a broad expanse or curved and winding, disappearing among the shrubbery or a straitshot to the garage. Light coloured pavers offer a cooler surface around patios and pool decks. Creating your property into a personal outdoor paradise. 
What ever the profile, interlocking pavers presents landscaping opportunities to enhance character. Interlock walkways are a simple but beautiful way to add a little extra to your home. Wider walkways lend more grace to the entrance. People enjoy walking on paths with gentle curves. Pavers can define and enlarge the space for planting beds.








Retaining walls are an excellent addition to your home. Not only attractive but usefull where grade changes are necessary. They are great for retaining soil and turning sloped unused land into a garden of your imagination. Retaining walls can be installed in terraces creating great planting space. Using interlock steps can be more creative in the design of your landscape. These steps can be straight or rounded and when combined with walkways and flower gardens you can experience that perfect step into your home or garden.


Natural rock boulders flagstone and water features combined or used seperate can create a parklike setting to your home or cottage.  Water features is the perfect way to sit and relax to enjoy the sound of natures beauty.

Interlock front entrances and flower gardens combined with landscaping are a great way to add the finished look. They can be installed around existing trees and plants or added to new areas. All our flower gardens are constructed using many different types of stone or pisa which are custom cut to take whatever shape or height you desire. Our distinct laying patterns can compliment the architecture style of any home and are ready for immediate use.